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Certification Guidelines

Certification Guidelines



Deepti Designs Art School is now affiliated with a Bihar State Government approved institute. The board has recognised the syllabus we follow and has consented to issue certificates to our students upon meeting the pre-set criteria.

The certificate will recognize the student as a Madhubani Painting artist who not only possess deep-rooted know-how of the art-form both in theory and practice, but is also capable of imparting that knowledge in the form of workshops, demonstrations, presentations and/or  time-bound sessions. This certificate will add immense value to the resume for students pursuing higher education and we will be happy to issue recommendation letters as well. One of the pre-requisites (teaching hours) of the certification may also contribute towards the volunteer hours scorecard in public schools, specially for high-schoolers. 

The following crieteria are to be met for a student to be certified :



  • Minimum 15 projects based on subjects and sizes defined by the board
  • Atleast 5 different mediums

2. Group Exhibitions

  • Minimum of 4 group exhibitions annually    OR
  • 12 group exhibitions before certification

    3. Volunteer Hours

    Apart from the hours spent learning and practicing Madhubani Painting, the artist should have considerable experience teaching the art form as well. There must be a minimum of 15 volunteer hours annually or a total of 40 volunteer hours spent in teaching Madhubani Art form primarily to a group of 4 or more. 

    Any other activity done by students such as presentations, demonstrations, fund-raisers, etc. at a social or public event will add more value and may contribute towards volunteer hours.

    4. Test

    Student must appear and clear a 2-hour test. The board would review the answer sheets for grading purposes

    5. Solo Exhibition

    One solo exhibition with a minimum of 15 paintings at display and a footfall of 50+

    NOTE :

    1. The parents are requested to maintain a folder (digital or otherwise) with pictures and write-ups as proofs of the activities done to support the eligibility for certification.
    2. We would ask of parents to proactively engage in looking out for opportunities for kids to have showcases at events around the city. Please talk to community groups that you are part of and approach local social circles with an objective to exhibit their works. It will have no commercial intent. Just a modest mention of the teacher's name (with or without school's name or contact details) is enough to acknowledge and carry on the guru-shishya parampara. Every opportunity brought to the table will not just benefit one but multiple budding artists. 
    3. Please be aware that Madhubani Painting, like any other art form, is a continuous process of learning, practicing and exploring. The students must meet the criteria for certification purposes, however, they will not be bound or limited by it. We seek for them to continue the process of learning to push the envelope in the field of creativity and art.