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Behind the Scenes

Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.” - Claude Monet


Deepti Designs is an organization which aims to bring the new generation around the globe to terms with the Indian Classical Visual Art, Madhubani Painting. We work towards creating artworks in the flavor of heritage styles with a hint of contemporary outlook thus appealing to the modern sensibilities while keeping its traditional essence intact.


To shape Creatively Dynamic, Culturally Rooted and Socially Sensitive personalities!

Deepti Agrawal Mittal

Deepti Agrawal Mittal, an artist and designer from India is a specialist of Madhubani Painting, a folk art from the state of Bihar. She has been into learning, teaching and exhibiting this art form since 1992.

An MBA Finance Gold Medalist and a corporate professional, Deepti couldn’t let her obsession with art lay dormant for long. She jumped to embrace it as almost a full time profession at the first given opportunity.

Deepti Designs is a means developed by her to fuel this passion. Every single art piece under the banner is unique and painted or designed by Deepti. She is a fast emerging and versatile artist who is uniquely experimental in her approach. 

Although not being professionally trained in art, she uses it to her advantage and creates pretty imperfections along her way which have now become her style and ‘artentity’.



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Where it all began, 25 years back...

In the year 1992, a foundation was laid for an accelerated and everlasting growth of one of the finest art-forms from the rurals of Bihar known as Madhubani Painting. The origin of Madhubani Painting a.k.a Mithila Painting is shrouded in antiquity. Some say, it dates back to the time of Ramayana and has been passed down through generations since then. Whether or not that's true, the baton of raising awareness about this beautifully intricate and detailed art was taken up by a husband and wife duo - Priti Agrawal and Rajat Kumar Agrawal, almost three decades back.

They started an institute called Kalakriti at their home in Darbhanga, Bihar, which worked towards empowering and promoting the local less-privileged womenfolk. It began with a group of twelve women who worked together to learn, unlearn and fine-tune their home-grown art skills. After 2 years of hardwork, some samples were made ready which, with much skepticism, were taken to the up-market boutiques and store owners in the metros across the country. The response was incredible. Orders started pouring in and this group rose exponentially in strength, confidence and artistic caliber. 

Today, the first of its kind, Kalakriti stands tall, in the same exact house, doing exactly what it did then, BUT with much more confidence, valor and pride in its 25th year.

Following the tradition of the art-form, Priti and Rajat Agrawal passed this legacy down to their daughter Deepti who is based in Seattle and runs her own label Deepti Designs internationally. She practices, trains and exhibits Madhubani Paintings by self and her students at the most prolific and diversified platforms to help raise its awareness at a global level.