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Weekly Program


Weekly Program

"An artist doesn't make mistakes. Just happy little accidents" - Bob Ross


Our Weekly Program is an ongoing term course with a set syllabus which begins with fundamental strokes and patterns, sketching of basic birds, animals and human figures in the Indian folk style, practice with brush and paint and completion of painting projects under the supervision of the maven artist.

Duration: 1 hour per session
Frequency: Weekly once (Monday - Friday)
Timings: 6 PM onward
Enrollments: Ongoing
Location: Multiple locations (Bothell - 3 / Redmond)

Students enrolled in this program are automatically signed up for the certification



FAQs - Regular Weekly Program

Thank you for your interest in Classes at Deepti Designs.
Please find some FAQs below which should provide an idea of our Weekly Art Program. Feel free to reach out to us if there are any queries that haven't been answered here.



1. What’s the class-pattern?

We start with sketching with pencil on paper. The kids practice some basic shapes and strokes in 2-3 classes after which we start a project which they draw and paint free hand all by themselves. This project will include the shapes and strokes that they would have practiced in the first few classes. After this, they are again given slightly more advanced shapes for next 2-3 classes and a more complicated painting project thereafter. This is a continuous process of the class. However, to break the monotony and have them learn some variety, we introduce different art styles every once in a while like Warli art or Modern style or some interesting crafts.


2. Duration of the class?

Typical duration of a class is 60 minutes, however the class generally overshoots by 10-15 minutes. So please know that all the additional time per term goes to the students free of cost as quality and creativity are our prime virtues. Please plan for other activities after classes accordingly or let us know in advance if a student needs to leave sooner.


3. Where are your locations?

  • Redmond Location – Igimo Art Station, 7829 168th Ave NE, Redmond

  • Bothell Location – at Home Studio, Near North Creek High, off 35th Ave, Bothell


4. What are the days and hours?

  • Monday through Friday - 6:00 pm onwards.

  • Please check with us on current availability in the batches.


5. What is the teacher:student ratio?

Maximum of 7 students in a session with 1 teacher


6. How are the classes designed?

According to the principles of Vocational Studies widely in practice in the State of Washington, DeeptiDesigns has adopted the following policies:

a.     Weekly Program is classified into "Terms" as listed below - 

  • Winter Term : Jan 1 – March 31

  • Spring Term : April 1 – June 30

  • Summer Term 1 : July 1 – July 31

  • Summer Term 2 : August 1 – August 31

  • Fall Term : September 1 – November 30

  • Holiday Term : December 1 – December 31

b.     Each Term is designed for 12 classes (Winter, Spring, Fall) or for 4 classes (Summer & Holiday Season). However, if there are more number of classes in any term, those extra hours are at instructor’s discretion and would be either offered free to students or can be availed as Personal Time offs for the instructor.
c.     Students can enroll for any number of terms at a time.
d.     The batch (day and time-slot) cannot be changed once enrolled in a term. Changes from subsequent term depends on availability.
e.      A detailed class calendar for each term is available upon request.


7. What’s the fee for the weekly program?

Redmond Location

Winter Term - minimum of 12 classes (1 hour each) - $260
Spring Term - minimum of 12 classes (1 hour each) - $260
Summer Term 1 - minimum of 4 classes (1 hour each) - $88
Summer Term 2 - minimum of 4 classes (1 hour each) - $88
Fall Term - minimum of 12 classes (1 hour each) - $260
Holiday Term - minimum of 4 classes (1 hour each) - $88

Bothell Location

Winter Term - minimum of 12 classes (1 hour each) - $225
Spring Term - minimum of 12 classes (1 hour each) - $225
Summer Term 1 - minimum of 4 classes (1 hour each) - $75
Summer Term 2 - minimum of 4 classes (1 hour each) - $75
Fall Term - minimum of 12 classes (1 hour each) - $225
Holiday Term - minimum of 4 classes (1 hour each) - $75

  • The fee could be paid in cash, check or through Paypal

  • The fee for a term is due 15 days before beginning of the term to confirm a spot. A penalty of $10 per week is charged in the event of failure to pay the fee by the 10th of the first month of new term.

  • Once enrolled in a term, the fees would not be refunded or carried forward under any circumstances.

  • A registration fee of USD 15 is levied to every new sign-up

  • An Annual Fee of USD 15 is due on Jan 1st every year - this money is used towards acquiring the supplies and logistics throughout the year for participation in events happening around the city. The students get opportunities of stage presentation, public speaking, hosting and teaching workshops, showcasing and exhibiting their art works, conducting fund-raisers, etc at prestigious shows in NWP region.

  • Fee is non-refundable and does not include supplies.



8. What do they need to bring?

Students need to carry their pencil bag, few sheets of printer paper in a folder or a sketchbook (if they have one) and a ruler (if already available). Other than these, we do provide required supplies for first 4 classes within which we assess the skill level of the student and recommend the right medium/supplies which the parents can subsequently buy


9. How are the holidays, breaks and vacations offered?

a.     Our holiday list is based on Northshore School District and important Indian Festivals  - 

Jan 1  - New Years Day
Mar 2 -  Holi
Apr 25 - Ram Navmi
May 28 - Memorial day
July 4 - Independence Day
Sept 3 - Labor Day
Sept 13 - Ganesh Chaturthi
Oct 19 - Dussehra
Nov 7 - Diwali
Nov 22-23 - Thanksgiving
Dec 25-31 - Winter Break

b.     Students taking a term break would lose the spot which might not be available later
c.     Absence from a class – Please communicate absence from a class at the earliest. See Makeup class policy below.


10. How to make-up missed classes?

Our Makeup Class policy is specifically for the benefit of all the students as it’s not valuable to overload a class with a number that could be hard to handle. Individual attention is our priority. Thus, makeup classes are NOT guaranteed and can be availed under the following circumstances -

  • if absence from a class has been communicated at least 24 hours in advance - a NO SHOW does NOT qualify for makeup class

  • if there are no extra classes happening in the specific term over and above 12 each in Winter, Spring, Fall and 4 each in Summer Term1, Summer Term2 and Holiday Term.

  • only if there is an availability in a different batch

  • Makeup class once scheduled CANNOT be rescheduled under any circumstance

  • Make up class needs to be finished in same term - It CANNOT be carried forward

  • No refund or balance will be carried forward to the next term

  • Fee will NOT be pro-rated for any missed class


11. Other relevant information –

  • We try and maintain punctuality for best use of class time and encourage parents to drop-off kids no later than 5 minutes of starting time.

  • We reserve the right to refuse admission to any participant who poses a disciplinary problem or disrupts class

  • Parents (or an allocated responsible adult) must be contactable at all times during class

  • We do take photographs occasionally of the class and artworks of students. These maybe used at our annual “Young Artists Showcase” or sometimes for websites or other advertising and publicity purposes. We reserve the right to publish any photographs of children working in class and/or artwork created by them - If you do not wish for your child to be photographed, please inform us before the commencement of your child’s first class


12. Registration - 

Registration is a two-step process. 
A. Form - Please fill up the online form here
B. Fee - Fee can be paid in Cash, Check or Paypal. Let us know your preferred mode and we will be happy to send the details.

Registration will be complete upon payment of the fee.


13. Gallery

Pictures from the classes can be viewed here