Deepti Designs
It's Trendy to be Traditional!
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These ornate Coffee-Table-Conversation pieces are OOAK wooden trays with glass tops. Each of the paintings is a limited-edition reproduction of the artworks done specially for the Vārtā series by maven artist Deepti Agrawal Mittal. The engaging compositions are a blend of riveting elements as Devanagri scripts, compelling checker-boxes, traditional Madhubani and contemporary Zentangle patterns. The most fascinating bit of Vārtā is that each painting is also a tic-tac-toe game-board. Whether you have best friends over for dinner or a new-neighbor for coffee, Vārtā helps striking fluid conversations with ease and confidence. Available in two sizes, these trays come with gold and silver hand-made tokens/pegs to help you flaunt the game in style.