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Itihaasa - A Drama and Culture Camp

“Get told about a topic and you may get it, write / talk about it and you will gain knowledge, but when you TEACH it, you LEARN the best.” - We sure believe in it with all our heart.

A big thumbs up to the budding artists who carried out the 6-day non-profit Art Workshop for 40 kids ALL by themselves. An exemplary showcase of team-work, leadership skills, attention to details and ofcourse the finesse and mastery in art.

Thank you Archana Iyer Sunil for giving our little artists this opportunity to rise and shine by making us part of Itihaasa - A Drama and Culture Camp

Kudos to the following volunteers -

Aashika Vishwanath - Lead, Week 1
Neha Venkatraman - Lead, Week 2
Shreya Challa
Shriya Narayan
Ananya Vaidyaraman
Khushi Garg
Sai Keertana Ganta
Rithikka Souresh
Dhiya Souresh
Shreya Mundra
Prisha Mundra
Shreya Challa
Mangai Alamelmani Sundaram
Shreaya Vinodshankar
Vibha Narasayya
Divya Venkatraman
Nikita Joshi
Hamsa Shankar