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Project-Based sessions

"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on." - Albert Einstein


The student gets choice of a gamut of projects to pick from. The course includes preparatory consultancy regarding selection of the craft-item based on individual-interest, dedicated time available and personal art efficiency. The student then is hand-held till the completion of project.

Sessions: 8
Duration: 1 hour per session
Days : Weekly once / twice (Monday - Friday)
Timings : 6 PM onward
Enrollments : Ongoing
Locations : Multiple Locations (Bothell - 3 / Redmond)


FAQs : Project-Based Sessions

Thank you for your interest in Classes at Deepti Designs.

Please find some FAQs below which should provide an idea of our Project-Based Sessions. Feel free to reach out to us if there are any queries that haven't been answered here.



1. What will be taught in the class?

Indian folk and regional styles are taught in the class... Madhubani art form is the underlying style which we blend with other art forms such as Kalamkari/ Warli/Zentangle . We will start from basics on a paper with pencil. The student would progress to sketching design by herself on the selected project piece, generally a stretched canvas. The type and size of project and the complexity of design would either depend upon the performance of the student in first few hours at class or as per the discussion beforehand.


2. Duration of the class?

It’s typically a 10-hour course and the duration of each session is 1 hour. However, the pace of individual student decides the total time taken for a project. We are looking at doing 1 or 2 session(s) every week based on the interest and availability. The sessions are conducted every week except on holidays. Please refer to point 9.a for 2018 holiday list.


3. Where are your locations?

  • Redmond Location – Igimo Art Station, 7829 168th Ave NE, Redmond
  • Bothell Location 1– at Home Studio, Near North Creek High, off 35th Ave, Bothell


4. What are the days and hours?

  • Monday through Friday - 6:00 pm onwards. 
  • Please check with us on current availability in the batches.


5. What is the teacher:student ratio?

Maximum of 6 students in a session with 1 teacher


6. What’s the fee for the Project-based program?

  • $85 / 4 hours of class time + $20 for supplies (one-time for a project).
  • Fee is collected on a monthly basis and should be paid on or before the first class of every month
  • Fee is non-refundable and does not include supplies.
  • Fee is collected before starting of the project


7. How to make-up missed classes?

Our make-up class policy is specifically for the benefit of all the students as it’s not valuable to overload a class with a number that could be hard to handle. Individual attention is our priority. Thus, makeup classes are NOT guaranteed and can be availed under the following circumstances -

  • if absence from a class has been communicated at least 24 hours in advance
  • Based on availability in a different batch
  • Make-up class needs to be finished asap - It CANNOT be carried forward
  • No refund or balance will be carried forward to the next project.


8. What do they need to bring?

Students need to just have a folder with a few plain sheets of paper and a pencil bag with pencils and an eraser. 



Registration is a two-step process. 
A. Form - Please fill up the online form here
B. Fee - Fee can be paid in Cash, Check or Paypal. Let us know your preferred mode and we will be happy to send the details.

Registration will be complete upon payment of the fee.



Pictures from the classes can be viewed here