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Online Classes


Online Classes

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up" - Pablo Picasso

Break Beyond the Borders and Paint!

Deepti is the first to introduce online classes of Madhubani Art Form. Ever since its launch in March 2013, the online classes have become very popular as learning art isn't bound by time or geography anymore. She has students from all across USA, India, Canada, UK, Middle East, Singapore, Australia and Europe. Within 3-months of launch of her first online class, she already enrolled 25+ students. 

The online classes are by means of progressive and interactive set of videos. To keep vigilance on every step of the learning, Deepti recommends students to view only one-video at a time and seeks a shot of their work sheets which she then gives her comments and feedback on. Once satisfied with the practice, the next video could be viewed. There are self-paced and interactive sessions. 


Online Projects

Find below the classes which are being currently offered. These can be enrolled in at any time.


Project A. Azure Aura 

The photo -frame tutorial is a set of 5 videos which go about illustrating the following: 

Chapter 1 : Introduction and list of supplies required for the project. 
Chapter 2 : Pencil Sketch practice of basic Madhubani Painting strokes with some good-to-know tips.
Chapter 3 : Practice with Pen and Paint before we paint the final art piece.
Chapter 4 : Base Painting and Sketching on frame
Chapter 5 : Final Madhubani-style painting on the frame  

Fee : $45 (INR 2,925)

Supplies : The first video for project A is free and gives introduction to the project as well as list of supplies. It can be viewed at
The products are in keeping with the supplies available in USA. However, relevant supplies can be found in other countries too.

Project A.JPG



It is a set of 8 videos. The total time required by the student would be anywhere between 14-18 hours. The course covers the basic animal, bird, human figures in Madhubani Painting. It also includes practicing painting in the authentic ancient style using only brush and paint. It starts with pencil sketching, advances to practice with brush and finally ends after completion of a small yet very detailed project.

Set 1 : Basic Madhubani Painting Stroke and Figures sketching
Chapter 1 - Basic Strokes and sketching of shell and cow
Chapter 2 - Sketching cosmic-Gods and basic birds
Chapter 3 - Sketching fish and elaborate bird
Chapter 4 - Human figure Sketching

Set 2: Advanced Madhubani Painting Classes
Chapter 5 - Sketching elaborate figures of Hindu deities
Chapter 6 - Practice sketching and painting with brush and acrylic paint
Chapter 7 - Elaborately designing a greeting-card-sized paper
Chapter 8 - Painting the designed sheet from Chapter 7

Fee: The fee of every set of 4 classes is $50. 
The payment could be divided into 2 installments with the first installment of $50 (INR 3,250) being paid before 1st class and second $50 (INR 3,250) before the 5th class    

Supplies for Project B : For first 5 classes all we need are pencil and plain sheets of paper (or a regular sketchbook). In last 3 classes the supplies that we require are available in local art stores and if you choose to go ahead with this project, we will mail you the list of supplies which you could check the availability of before starting with the project.


Project C : SURYA-CHANDRA MANDALA on Canvas-

This project is a set of six videos and the total time required by the student would be anywhere between 15- 20 hours. No prior art knowledge is required for the class. By the end of the final chapter, you would have very vibrant and exquisite diptych canvases waiting to be hung on your most favorite wall.

Chapter 1 : Learning the concept of diptych and the patterns used in the project
Chapter 2 : Preliminary practice with pens and markers on paper
Chapter 3 : Learning the tricks and techniques of designing a symmetrical design on the canvas
Chapter 4 : Free-hand sketching of the mandala on the project canvases
Chapter 5 : Play with warm and cool shades of paints and learning the blending techniques
Chapter 6 : Final detailing and finishing the composition on both the canvases 

Fee : $125 (INR 8,125) 

Supplies for Project C : We could start with the first chapter as only pencil and few sheets of paper are required. The supplies required in subsequent chapters would be emailed to you as and when we proceed.

Project C.jpg