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Annual Show 2018


Annual Show 2018

Over 150 artworks by 30 students of Deepti Designs School of Art was exhibited at Seattle Center as part of the Diwali celebration by ISKCON Vedic Cultural Center.

The first of its kind, this presentation was of artworks created by adults, middle and high schoolers and mostly little kids in the age group of 8-12 years.

The show of our heritage art style Madhubani Painting was attended and appreciated by over 500 people. The adroit brush strokes, skillful detailing, distinct compositions and the interesting narrative behind every painting left the visitors wonderstruck.

A big thank you to the connoisseur of Indian art and culture Latha Pat for her unconditional support and for giving us this prestigious platform.

Time : 12-6 pm
Date : October 20th, 2018
Place : Seattle Center Armory, Seattle, WA